"What is the best food for my pet?" Every day veterinarians are queried by pet owners.

Pets eating the wrong food are often plagued with skin conditions and unwanted reactions due to certain allergies.This has made meal selection and planning more difficult,eliminating the pleasure of pet ownership. Therefore, at Daily Delight®, we strongly believe in ‘Eating Well and Living Well”. We strive to provide soulful food for your pet companions, that are easy to prepare and nutritiously balanced for your pets.

Our recipes are simple – Great Ingredients make Great Food. We mirror the ingredients animals would get in their natural environment –Low-mercury ocean fishes, fresh seafood and chicken, open pasture lamb and beef. On top of that, our recipes combine these sources of protein with antioxidants-rich and vitamin-packed fresh vegetables and fruits. Give your pets a taste of Delight, and they’ll be hooked!

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